The Paleso Story.

In 2000, Russell Parker had been working as a broker for a decade. He saw the need for a broker dedicated to integrity, long-term customer service and a commitment to ensuring clients got the best outcome, every time.

To this end, Russell found what has become Paleso, and has collected a team of experts. United by our devotion to professionalism and a focus on researching the best options for our clients, the team at Paleso are the best in our industry at delivering a smooth and an easy process.

We don’t work for commission; we work together as a team to get the best deal for each of our clients.

Often asked what Paleso stands for, we quite simply made the word up. Originally considering ‘Parker Lending Solutions’ we decided to shorten it as a portmanteau and just use the first two letters of each word.  

When we discovered ‘Paleso’ is a derivative of palasare, which means ‘to disclose’ in Italian, we knew it was the perfect fit to represent our commitment to transparency, our mission to get our clients’ the right finance and our great team.

With over a third of our business coming from repeat customers, Paleso is a proud part of the community.

So if you’re around the corner in Mackay or on the end of a call in Perth, let our experience work for you.

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