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Purchasing a vehicle Private Sale? It needs to be handled carefully. There are two ways to organise the funds for a private sale vehicle - Personal Loans or Private Sale Secured Car Loans

What do we need to do?

It is very important when purchasing a car private sale to make sure the vehicle is really owned by the person you are purchasing it off, and making sure it hasn't already got money owing on it.

We have 20 years experience helping with private sale purchases and complete all the following checks for you:

  • PPSR CHECK - To make sure the vehicle isn't encumbered, written off or stolen
  • VENDOR IDENTITY CHECK - To make sure the person selling you the vehicle is actually the owner
  • VEHICLE INSPECTION - We arrange for the vehicle to have the identifiers inspected, trying to prevent re-birthed vehicles being sold
  • BANK ACCOUNT CONFIRMATION - We will obtain proof of the vendor's bank details to make sure the account funds are being paid into match the owner of the vehicle
  • ROADWORTHY CONFIRMATION - We will obtain a copy of the RWC for you and ensure it matches the vehicle you are puchasing

Why do we do all these checks?

If you purchase a vehicle from a Licensed Car Dealer they have a legal obligation to ensure clear title on the vehicle, they simply issue you a tax invoice and the transaction can happen smoothly. When you purchase a vehicle without a dealer involved, it is important for your protection (and the protection of the lender) that we check to make sure the person selling the car is the rightful owner, the car is really the one you think you are buying and the funds get to the correct account so you can take delivery of your car as quickly as possible. To make the process easier we complete all of these checks for you and let you know we believe it is safe to continue on with the transaction. Most (if not all) stolen or re-birthed vehicles are sold private sale so it is important to take these extra steps to prevent issues after you have made your purchase.
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What are my options for car loans?

Secured Car Loans

Lowest Rates - 1 to 7 year terms - Higher Limits
A secured car loan is the most common type of loan to purchase a New, Near New or Used Car. The car can be purchased either from a Dealership or Private Sale. Often secured car loans offer the most competitive interest rates and repayments as they use the vehicle you are purchasing as security against the loan, reducing the risk and getting you a better deal

Unsecured Car Loans

Great Rates - 1 to 7 year terms - Great for Older Cars
Also known as personal loans, these loans offer great flexibility to purchase any car you desire without restrictions around valuation or age. It can also be great if you haven't chosen your car yet and want to have the funds available to negotiate a deal and pay for the car straight away.

Business Car Loans

Awesome Rates - 1 to 7 year terms - Balloons
A Commercial or Business Car Loan is used for the specific purpose of purchasing a vehicle or fleet of vehicles for business. Commercial loans can offer some of the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types and can provide a tax advantage and allow you to claim GST and depreciation. A Business Car Loan is a great option for any sized business with flexible repayment terms to suit business cashflow or accounting structures.
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Private Sale Car Loans

Great Rates - 1 to 7 year terms - Can Be Tricky
Private Sale purchases need to be handled with care.  We are experts in the correct procedure to ensure you are getting what you pay for.  In addition we can ensure you get the best loan possible to suit a private sale car purchase.  

Car Loan Pre Approval

Better Barganing Power - Flexibility - Great Rates
Getting a Pre Approval for a car loan is a fantastic way of finding out what you can afford and giving you confidence to know exactly what you can shop for when you are ready to get your first car, upgrade your car or get that new car you've been dreaming of. Negotiate price knowing exactly what you have ready in regards to your car loan. Not having to worry if you will be approved or not is a great start in your car shopping and can often help you get a better deal on what you want to buy.

Bad Credit Car Loans

Had something go wrong in the past? It doesn't have to mean you can't get access to a loan. Some lenders are more interested in how your financial situation looks like now than what happened in the past. We have 25 years experience helping people get back in the world of credit, and have access to three unique local lenders that take the time to listen to what happened, and more importantly what is happening now. Talk to us today, we are here to help.

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