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Feel the freedom of debt consolidation and take control of your finances.

Do you have multiple debts at different places? A debt consolidation is combining all your debts into one simple, fixed or variable interest rate loan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

It is great for helping you reduce your repayments, save money on interest and simplify your finances.

Rather than just going to your bank and hoping your application fits their individual guidelines, let Paleso research and find you the best loan for you across our panel of 37 different lenders.

Find the right personal loan at the right rate, perfectly matched to you.

There are so many alternatives when looking for a personal loan - banks, online lenders. Ads everywhere offering different interest rates and fees, we understand it can be very confusing.

We do it a little different. We take all of your details, look at your credit score and your requirements and objectives and then go shopping for the best personal loan deal tailored just for you. We take into consideration things like fees, if you want to pay extra payments and find the deal that matches you perfectly. We will come back to you with a few alternatives and a run down of exactly what the various personal loan lenders will offer you, all without having to touch your credit file.

Everytime you make an enquiry directly with the bank, they will access your credit file and reduce your score. Find the best deal safely and easily with Paleso Finance Group

We make loans easier...
With offices in several locations around Queensland such as Caboolture and Slacks Creek, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton Bundaberg and Mackay we’re sure to be able to assist you wherever you may be. Our experience doesn’t just include personal loans but stretches across various areas like boats and commercial car loans as well as a whole lot more.

Speak with us directly on 1300 326 658 or by emailing us on, and we’ll respond to your request ASAP.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!
Is Debt Consolidation for me?

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What exactly is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process of applying for and obtaining a loan to put a number of different loans you currently have into a single loan.

It can be an excellent way of better managing multiple debts like a personal loan, car loan and credit cards where you only have one repayment to make each month (or week or fortnight if you would prefer) instead of several payments at different times of the month.

The main attraction for a debt consolidation though is there is also the potential for big savings on your monthly repayment and interest charges.

What are the benefits of debt consolidation?

There are many possible benefits to a Debt Consolidation if they are tailored to you and completed correctly.

Only having one loan can be a lot easier to budget for and handle than many multiple loans with varying due dates and repayment amounts to remember.

The biggest benefit of debt consolidation is the potential to save money. By putting your debts into one loan at a lower interest rate, it may provide big savings on the monthly repayments and cut hundreds or even thousands of dollars from your total repayment. Only having one loan could also reduce the ongoing fees and charges associated with each individual loan saving you even more.

All of these savings can assist in you becoming debt free sooner.

Can you tell me if I should consolidate my debt?

Absolutely, we can review your whole financial situation and give you an honest and fair assessment of whether Debt Consolidation is the best option for you.

Debt consolidation can be a great option if you are juggling multiple debts or if you want to reduce monthly repayments and save money on your total interest bill.

It is important to note though that Debt Consolidation isn’t the best option for everyone, in particular if you are unable to secure a consolidation loan at an interest rate that is lower than the debts you are putting together.

A lot of people choose to consolidate debt into their home loan, but this needs careful consideration as well, as if the loan is taken over the standard 30 years that will significantly increase the amount of interest you might pay on the debt that you consolidate.

To maximise the potential savings of debt consolidation, it is important to aim to have your loan term as short as possible and avoid taking on any other debt during the loan period or using credit cards again that were consolidated.

It is also very important that you understand along with potential savings in interest and monthly repayments, debt consolidation loans can involve potential costs that must be taken into consideration. These may include :

- Lenders application fees : fees charged by a lender to assess and initiate your application and loan. These can range from $0 to $1200 depending on the lender that you are best suited to

- Exit fees on the loans being consolidated : Lenders can charge fees or penalties for paying out loans early. It is important to be mindful of how much these costs are and take them into consideration when working out how much a debt consolidation loan can save you.

- Brokerage Professional Fees : Brokers will often charge a fee in the loan for their professional services and time spent researching the best option for you, you will be told exactly what this fee is at the time of application.

- Government Charges : Government duties and fees may be payable if you choose to secure the debt consolidation loan with a vehicle or your house.

The best way to know if debt consolidation is the best option for you is to enquire or pop in and see your local Paleso office, they can quickly run through your personal financial situation and tell you what your options are and if it will beneficial to you, no obligation or hassle.

Why should I apply through Paleso and not go straight to my bank?

Applying through us gives you the upper hand, by having us find the most suitable lender for your financial situation. Why go to your bank and hope you meet whatever guidelines they currently have when you can let us do the shopping around for you to make sure you get the best deal possible.

What does it all cost?

To set up a loan will have some costs associated with it. All financiers charge an application fee, some have ongoing account-keeping fees, some have early exit fees, and some have no fees at all.

The fees vary between lenders, and also between states. Other costs that you may incur are PPSR fees, GST, Luxury Car Tax, and in some cases a fee from us for obtaining the loan on your behalf.

Before your application is submitted to any lender, we email you with a summary of the fees that would be payable if the loan is approved.

Of course, if you decide not to proceed or are unsuccessful, there is no cost what so ever for the assistance we have provided.

Is the interest rate you can offer me competitive?

Due to the large volumes of loans we write each month, we have premium access to all the major broker compliant financiers in Australia.

Not only that, our service is second to none, and we do all the research on each individual deal before sending any applications to a financier.

Why not get a no obligation, free quote to find out?

I have defaults on my credit file or debts that are overdue, can you help?

We often help people who have had some trouble in their past. We will always try and offer the most competitive offer possible. If you have had issues such as Defaults, Judgments or Bankruptcy on your credit file, we will access a specialist risk lender.

Risk lenders take into consideration the good things that you are doing now, rather than focusing on the troubles of the past. However, as the finance is deemed to be of higher risk, the interest rates are often higher than ‘Prime’ lending options.

Contact us to see what we can offer. If we can't help we will tell you why, and what you can do to be able to get help in the future.

Why do you we need your supporting documents to give you a quote?

So we can make sure we are finding you the best possible deal. Lending is complex, every lender has exact requirements they are looking for, if we don't have all of the information we don't know if the Lender we are considering for you is the best out there.

As part of the NCCP act guidelines, prior to submitting the application to any lender we are required to ensure you are able to comfortably afford both the loan repayments and your living expenses. It could be as simple as providing your last payslip with your Year To Date earnings displayed on it and using our bank statement portal to send us 3 months of your bank statements.

If you don’t get a payslip we can often use your last 3 months bank statements or a recent lodged tax return and notice of assessment from the ATO instead.

Debt consolidations will often require 3 months statements for the debts being refinanced. We will require this documentation prior to submitting the application for you. If you have any situation out of the norm, just call or chat to us now and we will see what we can do.

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