Paleso Statement Portal

Have we asked you to obtain supporting documents for your loan application?  

Want to send the required documents to us easily and free?

By accessing our portal below you can send us your latest Centrelink,Loan and Bank Statements.

Powered by the security and safety of Illion, you can download them for free, safely and easily through our statement portal.  Simply enter your Full Name below, agree to the terms and conditions and press ‘Start’.  

You will be directed to the MyGov portal firstly which allows you to send us your latest Centrelink statement via email immediately (requires a MyGov login). If you don't need to access centrelink just press "Submit Bank Statements without Centrelink".

You can then choose a bank from the 90 different organisations we have statement access to and by using your normal internet banking login details it will send us 90 days of statements for all your active accounts.  Too easy!

Please note : If you only send the My Gov information without requesting bank statements as well, we won’t receive anything. Please make sure you request both MyGov and Bank Statements at the same time. If you don’t receive any Centrelink income just select “Submit Bank Statements without Centrelink” button.

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