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Experience the  freedom to explore the great unknown of Australia’s wilderness in new and exciting ways. Helping people hit the road in caravans and campers has been a passion of Paleso’s since we began operation in 1995. Having access to 37 different secured and unsecured Lenders ensures we have access to the most competitive loan products in the market, and we can also help with insuring the van as well!

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Find the right finance at the right rate, perfectly matched to you.

With so many caravan finance loans available right here in Queensland and from lenders throughout all of Australia, it can often prove challenging to find the product which best aligns with your needs.

Allow us to conduct the legwork for you and connect you with cheap caravan loans compatible with your specific requirements. Having worked tirelessly over the years to forge on-going relationships with reputable lenders, we can typically obtain loans at much more favourable rates due to the volume of our business. This means we can pass on our savings to you and secure you caravan finance with lower rates than if you were to procure the loan directly from the lender.

We provide a valuable third party service for our clients and help partner you with the best loans available.

Our goal is to allow you to hit the ground running in terms of purchasing your dream caravan by providing you with the resources to do so. Get a leg up on the research stage of your finance requirements and focus on choosing the best model based on your lifestyle and your budget.  

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With offices in several locations around Queensland such as Caboolture and Slacks Creek, Sunshine Coast, Rockhampton Bundaberg and Mackay we’re sure to be able to assist you wherever you may be. Our experience doesn’t just include caravan loans but stretches across various areas like boats and commercial car loans as well as a whole lot more.

Speak with us directly on 1300 326 658 or by emailing us on, and we’ll respond to your request ASAP.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about how we can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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All different types of car loans

What are my Caravan and Camper loan options?

Secured Caravan and Camper Loans

Lowest Rates - 1 to 7 year terms - Higher Limits
A secured loan is an easy and economical way to purchase a New, Near New or Used Van, Motorhome or Camper Trailer. The goods can be purchased either from a Dealership or Private Sale. Often secured van loans offer the most competitive interest rates and repayments, and you can usually borrow more to get your dream van, as they use the item you are purchasing as security against the loan, reducing the risk and getting you a better deal

Unsecured Caravan and Camper Trailer Loans

Great Rates - Good if you are undecided - 1 - 7 year Terms
Also known as personal loans, unsecured loans are great if you are not sure exactly what you want to buy yet, or it is a an older van or motorhome that the secured lenders don't want to lend money against. The lender will put the money straight into your account once approved giving you the power to negotiate and quickly pay for your dream van once you've found it.


Know what you can spend - Negotiate with Confidence - Find your Dream Van
Set your sights on hitting the open road, want the best deal but haven't picked the exact van yet?  Pre-Approval might be your best option. It gives you assurance that you know how much you can spend, what it will cost you and what you can afford before shopping for your dream getaway.

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