Specialised loans for Queensland's Apprentices and Trainees.

Quick, easy finance solutions for young people looking for their first loan

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We are experts at helping young people get their first loan.

Working through your apprenticeship is tough. Getting a loan while you learn can also be pretty difficult.

We understand, so we have access to lenders that are tailored to Queensland's Apprentices and Trainees loan to help with purchasing a their first car or motorbike.

So how does it work?

Fill in a few quick details to arrange a quick and no obligation, free Quote and see just how good we are. Once we’ve got all your specific information (including supporting documents for income) we complete all required application checks to ensure we have the exact information the lender will require. We’ll notify you on submission and then when the lender returns to us with an answer. If the application was successful, sign up can be completed immediately. Should the application be unsuccessful, we’ll contact you and review your options and see if we can find alternative solutions for your credit needs. The whole process usually takes no more than 48 hours—and sometimes it takes only a few hours! What are you waiting for, get a quote now and see how we make loans easier!.

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