Loans For Apprentices

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Working through your apprenticeship is tough. Getting a loan while you learn can also be pretty difficult.

We understand, so we have developed a specialised Apprentice and Trainee loan product to help with purchasing a car or motorbike.

Why Choose Paleso for help with your first loan?

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Specialist Apprentice Loan Products

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Excellent Interest Rates

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Over 32 Different Lenders

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Same Consultant All The Way

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Fully Accredited and Trained

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Established Experienced Company

we make loans for apprentices easier…

Want to know more?

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Paleso Apprentice Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your first loan while completing an apprenticeship can be tough, here are few of the questions you might have about our tailored apprentice car and motorbike loans.

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  • What can you help me with a loan for?
    We have partnered with Automotive Financial Services and Apprenticeships QLD to tailor a loan specifically to apprentices and trainees to help them get their first loan for a reasonably priced car or motorbike.
  • What is the interest rate?
    The interest rate we can offer depends on a number of factors including how long you’ve been in your current apprenticeship, if you have any savings history or previous credit history and the age and type of car or motorbike you want to purchase. We don’t like to guess, so best thing to do is get in touch with us and we can ask you a few questions and give you a specific quote tailored to your individual situation.
  • Can you help me get a brand new car?
    Unless you have some good savings you can contribute as a deposit or a car your already own that you can trade in we usually can’t help with a brand new car as they are too expensive, if you have a question or want to know more best idea is get in touch and ask. Everyone’s situation is different and no one answer fits all people.
  • Why should I apply with you and not just go straight through my bank?

    Applying through us gives you the upper hand, by having us find the most suitable lender for your financial situation. Why go to your bank and hope you meet whatever guidelines they currently have when you can let us do the shopping around for you to make sure you get the best deal possible. We do all the running around for you and can even help you find the car or bike you are chasing

  • I don’t live anywhere near one of your offices, can you still help me?
    Of course, we can complete all of the required paperwork over the phone and email, but you will need to have access to a JP to finalise the contracts. We have completed loans for people from Tasmania, to Perth and all the way to Weipa!
  • What does it all cost?
    To set up a loan will have some costs associated with it. All financiers charge an application fee, some have ongoing account-keeping fees, some have early exit fees. The fees vary between lenders, and also between states. Other costs that you may incur are PPSR fees, GST, Luxury Car Tax, and in some cases a fee from us for obtaining the loan on your behalf. Before your application is submitted to any lender, we email you with a summary of the fees that would be payable if the loan is approved. Of course, if you decide not to proceed or are unsuccessful, there is no cost what so ever for the assistance we have provided.
  • I have defaults on my credit file, can you still help me?
    We often help people who have had some trouble in their past. We will always try and offer the most competitive offer possible. If you have had issues such as Defaults, Judgments or Bankruptcy on your credit file, we will access a specialist risk lender. Risk lenders take into consideration the good things that you are doing now, rather than focusing on the troubles of the past. However, as the finance is deemed to be of higher risk, the interest rates are often higher than ‘Prime’ lending options. Contact us to see what we can offer.
  • Can you process my application and get me an answer and then i’ll provide my supporting documents like payslips and bank statements?
    No, as part of the NCCP act guidelines, prior to submitting the application to any lender we are required to ensure you are able to comfortably afford both the loan repayments and your living expenses. It could be as simple as providing your last payslip with your Year To Date earnings displayed on it and using our bank statement portal to send us 3 months of your bank statements. If you don’t get a payslip we can often use your last 3 months bank statements or a recent lodged tax return and notice of assessment from the ATO instead. Debt consolidations will often require 3 months statements for the debts being refinanced. We will require this documentation prior to submitting the application for you. If you have any situation out of the norm, just call or chat to us now and we will see what we can do.


Information about Paleso Finance Group

Paleso Finance Group are local Queensland based Finance and Insurance Brokers. We offer credit assistance services via our branch network as well as over the phone and internet to consumer and commercial clients looking to purchase large ticket items such as Cars, Bikes, Boats, Caravans. We also assist with personal loans to help fund other life events like holidays and medical costs. We act as an intermediary between yourself (the consumer) and the most suitable lender for your profile and request.

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